Where is the brand coming from? Buddha Is known as a philosopher and teacher in the world religion of Buddhism. This Indian philosophy is based on spiritual liberation and reasonable awakening.

Transferred to our philosophy – we believe that everyone has a talent and a will which has to be supported and set up in the right direction.

We at DigitalMarketingBuddha create your individual strategy plan based on your business type, branch and goals.

Now its your turn!

Tell us more about your challenged and concerns and let us work around this.

Once we finalised the milestones – we will work out your personalised plan and it will be your responsibility as well to comply.

Have fun on your journey with us …


What we can do
for your business

Increase ROI, conversion rate, engagement rate…

Store and transfer your affiliate data content
Manage the entire
subscription lifecycle
Engage your customers dramatically
Brand Strategy & Art Direction​
UX/UI Design &
Website/App Design​
Marketing Campaigns & Content Creation​

What Members Are Saying About Us

“Great company to drive more sales through social media. Digital Marketing Buddha created a Facebook and instagram account for me which is converting leads into customer “
John Mellino
Owner and Manager

“DigitalMarketingBuddha created an instagram account for my business which is growing and building a community for me.”
Igor Vasiliev
CEO of Company

Many Major
Companies Trust Us

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